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Artist’s Talk and Poetry walk, with Brigid Collins & Poet Christine De Luca – 25/6/22

Brigid will talk about her time as Artist in residence at Dr. Neil’s Garden and the work being developed from this, inspired by Christine De Luca’s poems, evolving alongside Brigid’s artworks.

Christine De Luca writes in English and Shetlandic, her mother tongue. She was appointed Edinburgh’s Makar for 2014-2017. She has had eight poetry collections published, the most recent of which, Veeve (2021), is currently longlisted for The Highland Book Prize. Previously, Dat Trickster Sun, (2014), also from Mariscat, Edinburgh, was shortlisted for the UK-wide Michael Marks Award. She also has five bi-lingual volumes published (French, Italian, Icelandic, Norwegian and English) and a tri-lingual pamphlet of poems of Eugénio de Andrade (Portuguese, English and Shetlandic). She is a member of Shore Poets, Edinburgh. Christine enjoys collaborating with musicians, most recently with jazz composer Tommy Smith – and artists, most recently Victoria Crowe and Brigid Collins.

  • Saturday, 30th April (11am-1pm) £15
  • Saturday, 25th June (11am-1pm) £15 (You will have the opportunity to view Brigid’s exhibition in the Thomson Tower at the end of this talk)

The Talk will take place in the Kirk Hall an the Poetry Walk will take place in Dr. Neil’s Garden. N.B. If the weather is very bad, Christine will give her poetry reading in the Kirk Hall.

To book email: mail@brigidcollins.co.uk

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