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March; ‘In like a Lion, out like a Lamb’

BonfireWell true enough, it started out pretty cold and grey, it still feels chilly, but its not so grey!

We have had slightly warmer days. Buds are breaking, a few early bees are buzzing and there are definitely more visitors in the garden.

So much has been done in the garden over the winter. The Volunteers have tirelessly cut and dragged reeds, barrowed 10 tons of grey whinchip for the paths, weeded and cut back borders, raked and swept and removed moss from the paths and lastly we have had a couple of magnificent bonfires! I am constantly moved and impressed by the resolute dedication of the volunteers, on days when I am feeling like the winter will never end, they pitch up smiling and enthusiastic and very quickly we are hard at it….and then all of a sudden, it is lunchtime and a difference has been made, the wind has dropped and the sun has come out.

Now the garden is truly waking up, birds are nesting, bird feeders need constant replenishing and colour is spreading through the garden. Here are some photos to give you a taster,

Even better, Come in and see for yourself!

Claudia (Gardener)

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