Dr Neil's Garden
Old Church Lane
Duddingston Village
Edinburgh, EH15 3PX

E: Info@DrNeilsGarden.co.uk
T: 07849 187 995
(Open Monday to Sunday 10:00 to 17:00)

Of Mutual Things 19/6/22 – 26/6/22 11:30 – 16:30

Presenting a stunning exhibition by Brigid Collins, Artist in Residence Exhibition – Thompson Tower Sunday 19th to Sunday, 26th June.

Opening Times: 11:30 – 16:30 daily, with other times by arrangement.

Free entrance

Brigid Collins, Artist in Residence at Dr. Neil’s Garden says

“During my time as Artist in Residence at Dr. Neil’s Garden you are likely to have spotted me “dropping down” to observe, learn from and converse with the wonderful plants that live here, so freely, among the grasses that line the shore of Duddingston Loch, tended by inspiring gardener, Claudia Pottier (another artist) and supported by a crew of hard-working volunteers. I am also in conversation with poet, Christine De Luca and others, who are finding words, arising from conversations between ourselves, the plants and our mutual responses to this very special place as the world has been going through what feel to be exceptional times…

The poet, John Clare (1793-1864) spoke of “dropping down”, in order to see nature as it might appear to other beings: he dropped down to view the world and I am trying to allow myself to do this – slowing down, dropping down, cultivating seeing as heeding – because I feel a need more strongly than ever to study, attune to and learn from what is happening in nature, all around me.”

There will be an exhibition of Brigid’s artwork towards the end of her time as Artist in Residence, to include works inspired by the garden and poems by Christine De Luca and others.

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