Dr Neil's Garden
Old Church Lane
Duddingston Village
Edinburgh, EH15 3PX

E: Info@DrNeilsGarden.co.uk
T: 07849 187 995
(Open Monday to Sunday 10:00 to 17:00)

Opening Times & Event Info

We are open Monday to Sunday 10:00 to 17:00

See the  What’s On page for further information/future events. 

Forthcoming events

  • Petra Bunder and Ursula Pretsch “Around the World” An exhibition of Art, Jewellery & Accessories – Saturday 13th August to Wednesday 17th August 11:00 to 16:00 (Free)
  • Harry Mafuji “Edinburgh and its Natural Surroundings” Friday 19th August to Friday 26th August 2022 11:00 – 16:00 (Free)
  • Flax and the Physic Garden Sunday 21st August 14:00 to 15:00
  • Jane Raven Prints, Glass and Ceramic Exhibition – Monday 29th August to Sunday 4th September 2022 11:00 to 16:00 (Free)
  • Flax – Wednesday 7th September to Sunday 11th September 2022 11:00 – 16:00 (Free)

Entry is free of charge (except during advertised events) but donations are welcome – see our Support Us page. For commercial group visits we encourage some payment.

The Duddingston Kirk Garden Room

  • Thursday/Friday 10:00-16:00
  • Saturday/Sunday 13:00-16:00

For more information on events and special weekends see the What’s On page.

No dogs allowed, bar assistance dogs


Looking for Volunteers!

Please note that currently we do not have any availability to take on additional volunteers. When we do we will advertise on Facebook, Instagram and on this website


Join us every Tuesday and Friday for some communal gardening.
Help us with watering, weeding, garden maintenance and repairs.
Get outdoors and active.
Meet new people and make new friends.
Enjoy a cuppa with us in the beautiful surroundings of Dr Neil’s Garden.

Come and talk to the Gardener, e-mail info@drneilsgarden.co.uk
Or phone 07849187995 for more information.

As a volunteer at Dr Neil’s you will be involved with the day-to-day  maintenance and ongoing development of the garden.

Volunteers come on Tuesday and Friday 9.45 am (for 10.00) – 5.00pm (or dusk). Some people come for the morning, some for the afternoon, and some for the whole day. This is up to the volunteer depending on how much stamina they have and their personal availability, or reasons for coming. Attendance times are usually discussed and agreed in advance, so that we know what’s going on.

Volunteers come from a broad social spectrum and we are proud to include anybody who is willing and feels able to positively contribute to the work of the garden. We regularly take Horticulture Students on the degree course at Scottish Agricultural College, who do their work experience with Dr Neil’s Garden and we are happy to take placements from other organisations where appropriate. There is a natural ebb and flow of volunteer numbers. Some stay with us for many years and some will move on after a number of months, perhaps having found paid employment. Some people come for the pleasure of working outside with others, for the exercise and fresh air, some to gain the confidence and experience that they can take to their own gardens or allotments.

Whatever your reason, level of experience, age or ability, we will endeavour to make you feel welcome, to work to your strengths, to teach and encourage your progress with practicality and kindness.

Why we like volunteering with Dr Neil’s Garden

I find the work extremely interesting and varied, especially helping to create the new Physic Garden and Golden border.

“Claudia has been inspirational to work for as she is extremely knowledgeable, practical and hard-working all rolled into one. I also love working with such a varied and interesting group of volunteers.  I also like talking to the many visitors to the Garden and hearing their very favorable comments.”

“Each day of volunteering is different: sometimes it’s quite hard work but it’s always good fun. You learn a lot working with Claudia – my own garden has benefited from that. It’s been great getting to know Claudia and the other volunteers: a really nice bunch of people.”

“Volunteering at Dr Neil’s never fails to raise my spirits.”

“My Tuesday volunteering shift has become fundamental to my well-being! It’s a perfect mix of work, fun and learning. It’s a great opportunity to ask other gardeners’ opinions on gardening and all kinds of other issues… many of life’s problems are often sorted by the end of lunch time. At the end of the day I have a happy healthy glow from having spent the day outside, working with good people in such an idyllic garden.”

“Firstly, I just love being out of doors, regardless of the weather, and in such a beautiful setting. We are learning all the time too and get lots of support and positive feedback from Claudia so it feels very worthwhile. The volunteers are a great bunch of people, everyone is very friendly and we have a good laugh. It is nice to chat to visitors to the garden too and gratifying to hear them sing its praises and congratulate us on our work.”




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