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Update April 2016

Since the last update we have two new Volunteers, Graeme and Nicolette.

We have also made links with a group from the Milan Organisation, which is a group of day-care centres for Retired Asian Women. They have been in for a guided walk which they enjoyed and will come back in the summer for a picnic.

Most of the conifers have been clipped over and 15 tons of compost has been spread over borders as mulch for the year. That is 5 of our own and 10 tons bought in, of which 5 tons was free (as a community garden) through the council recycling green Cornus Nuttaliwaste scheme.

The Azaleas and Rhododendron have all been fed, the roses fed and pruned, the Cornus cut back too.

We have received our lovely new solid Oak,  two seater bench. It is on the bank at the top of Howards End.

There has been some new with the donation of a small ornamental tree,  Cornus Nuttali “Eddies White Wonder” and the planned donation of a bench that will go at the back of the Physic Garden.

The nursery has been sorted out for the season and we are just in the process of potting on all the plants that need a bit more room in their pots. Lots of seed has been sown.

The Perennial Vegetable garden is re-emerging from its winter dormancy, it’s been weeded,  mulched and the chicken-wire fencing re-erected to protect it from the rabbits.narcissus

All the narcissus are flowering and the garden is a picture just now.

That’s about it folks!

Here we go into the season.




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