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Tender Discoveries – Fridays 26 May to 14 July (8 days)

Days of Drawing, Reading and Reflection at Dr. Neil’s Garden

Fridays 26 May – 14 July (8 days) from 10am-3pm Fee: £400 for all of the days

“Tender discoveries…whose ‘finding’ in some small way rearranges psyche and understanding.”

Conversations with Jane Hirshfield, in Beshara Magazine, Arts & Literature Issue 20, 2022

We will weave drawing, literature and poetry into conversation – looking outwards, as well as a looking inwards – first, by spending quiet time drawing, reading and reflecting and then coming together at points throughout each day.

It may be possible to attend for only some of the days, although ‘drop-in’ is not being encouraged, so that we can form a close group. However do please ask.

To book or to make an enquiry contact Brigid: Mobile: 07814021961

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