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Update March 2016

A volunteer has started to work on a short film for our use, so watch this space. It’ll also be used for Grant Applications.

Work on a newsletter is also underway.

All the borders in the garden have been cut back and tidied, this is a repeating process due to all the storms we have had. The trees have all faired well, losing only smaller branches in a few cases.crocuses

We received 5 tons of free council compost (this is our quota for the year), however, this is nowhere near enough for the entire garden. Luckily we are able to produce 8 – 10 tons of our own, but nonetheless we could still use another 3 – 4 tons seeing as many borders as possible are mulched.

The Volunteers have coped very well over the winter and are looking forward to the spring.

We had a lot of rain over the winter and the loch has just started to recede. The Reeds are mostly cut and cleared, with one wee patch still to do.

The Perennial Garden in the Glebe is cut back, mulched, re-fenced and now ready to go into production again.white iris

The builder also helped to build a lovely wee wall with steps into it for a bench, behind the Physic Garden. All we need now is a bench to be donated.

The Narcissus and Dwarf iris that we planted in the autumn are flowering beautifully in the scree. The Crocus have been hammered by the 5 Pheasants in the garden, to my intense irritation.  I have had to put wire baskets over them to try and protect them, slightly spoiling the effect!

Lots on as we go into spring next up another bonfire to burn, Newsletter to complete, rabbit guards to go around all their favourite nibbles, sweet peas to grow on, Sweet Williams to plant out etc. etc. etc.


Thanks to the Alpine Rockery Plants Society

Thanks for the generous donation of plants from the Alpine Rockery Plants Society.

Please see the society’s website to see what they do and more information on the plants.

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