Upcoming Events – Summer 2024

Exhibitions in Thomson’s Tower Upper Room

15 – 23 June 2024

Harry Mafuji | Painting Exhibition

Returning for the third year, Harry Mafuji’s painting exhibition consists of a variety of beautiful landscapes, flowers, shrubs and more.

28 June – 5 July 2024

Gillie Welstead & Friends | Jewellery Exhibition

Five jewellers come together for this exciting and varied collaboration. 

20 July – 27 July 2024

Kate Gray & Pat Paige | Art Exhibition

Pat Paige’s work is inspired by the landscape and is concerned with expressing a particular moment and place well through observation, sketches, memory drawing and paintings before being able to express herself in a more abstract and painterly way,  This work was inspired by the rocks, sea and movement of the Lanzarote coast.

Kate Gray is fascinated by the curious beauty of seaweed!  She focuses on form and colour to create paintings which are sometimes quite representational, and sometimes verge on the abstract.

3 August – 16 August 2024

David More | Photography Exhibition

David is a black and white landscape photographer working in film.

17 August – 23 August 2024

Fiona Taylor | Art Exhibition

The theme of Fiona’s exhibition for the week is ‘Colour and Line’ – colours and shapes from Duddingston to India – mixed media based on photographic images.  

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